weekend rocker

after a hard core gluttonic holiday season, i was ready for my resolution of going back to a healthy, lean and balanced diet. i was overwhelmed by the festive foodies the past days, that i thought, i should keep out of the kitchen, survive on meals of greens and fibers or just live on bread and water. how wrong was i! 

the weather is back to dark grey, light grey, mist, fog and cold rain. despite the bone pains and crackling joints, i have no issue about this weather but son does. when the weather is as downing as now, he likes to put on the hiking boots on my feet and drag me out of the house! only, this time, he brought me to his fave resto to do some bad-weather-comfort-eating session! yay!

i don't religiously pray before every meal, but this time, i did! it went something like this "Lord, give me something light in the menu and may i be able to eat whatever comes to my plate, amen.!"

i feasted on veggie leggie with fries and i loved it! son on the otherhand, pigged out on the trio combo of the hickory-smoked bar-b-que.

not a hard rocker by birth nor is my son, but i think he is using hard rock as a substitute for t.g.i.f. there are not much american restos nearby so he chose hrc and we were not dissappointed. the ambience is cool, english is the medium of communication and the staff are just super accommodating. the food is superb!

have a sunny weekend, everyone! 

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